Observing the daily progress of our students at different stages and situaons has been truly inspiring. Despite facing various challenges during the demanding semester system, our students have displayed their potenal and given their best. The college management and staff have been extremely supporve of the students’ various endeavours, which have helped them excel in their respecve fields and strengthened our commitment to
achieving excellence.
The college magazine “DRASHTI” serves as a testament to the journey we have taken so far and showcases the literary skills of our students. We have encouraged our students to become “humane professionals” in all their acons, and there is no doubt that our outgoing batch of 2022-2023 will achieve great success in life. I extend my hearelt best wishes and blessings to these students.

Dr. Vigna Oza
Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Principal,
Ashwinbhai A Patel Commerce College, Gandhinagar